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Dear Prospective Client!

Welcome to Szalóki Security Property Protection, Private Investigation and Tutorial Ltd. Behalf.
Let us introduce briefly our company and the scope of our activities.
The company was established in 1999. for private investigation and education and is exclusively hungarian-owned. Our managing director Sándor Szalóki counts as an appreciated executor. He is a graduated teacher and has several degrees. After spending 30 years at the police and took part in policeman training for nearly 20 years he retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1996.
It was the period in Hungary when bodyguard and safeguard activities began to be carried out within the frames of a company. Thanks to Sándor Szalóki’s assistance and organization the neccessary training and education has started. He recieved appreciation by the Chamber of Private Detectives on countless occassions.
He has made many friends and work relations during his time at police, the duty as police trainer together with his civil job afterwards.

Most of the safeguarding and investigation companies undertake commissions arised in these areas with lack of professional expertise and proper technical equipments but their scope of activities permits it, thus get financial benefits. As a consequence, commissions undertaken by them are just partially successful or total failures.
Our company is often revisited by such disappointed clients. As long as you choose our company, you can sit back and be certain about your commission will be executed by a professional, executed group.

Our company provides you this scope of activities:

1. Personal investigation
2. Body and safeguarding (Manpower guarding and protection)
3. Debt management