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Asset and debt management, Collection


Does your debtor beguile you with promises? Doesn’t pick up the phone? Avoids contact with you? The backround of our debt managemet service is based on experts, proper technical equipments, surveillance and reconnaissance services and in addition legal, criminology, graphology and psychology experts if required. In pursuance of executing commissions we get ahold of the debtor in more ways in order to avoid substance concealment, wealth-saving etc.. We manage assets resulted by a single or regular business relationship according to an ad hoc engagement agreement and a commission contract-in low costs. The appropriately qualified experts fulfill their tasks using a wide range of convincing and personal meeting particularly, but they also seek the target person out in writing. Economic corporations choose our other service-group primarily, when we undertake the entire asset management. In pursuance of this commission we establish the effective issue-managing system based on the given task section. We observe and control the customer efficiency, manage and collect overdue debts, thus taking over the management of costumer-power which requires special expertise. Hence our commissioners can channel their efforts in the direction of increasing profits. In all cases we take into consideration our Commissioner’s demands, expectations and of course, we create the special business-management plan in co-operation with the commissioner and experts of the given area. The necessary legal background, services and coordination is ensured by a co-operating law firm. We can enlist the service of a co-operating independent judicial executor if necessary. If you resort our service then you can maintain a good relationship with your customers, business partners because Szalóky Ltd. carries out the asset management with specialized, professionally experienced experts instead of You. It guarantees a fast, unobstructed debt management, unperturbed operation, thereby also a significantly improving cash-flow.

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