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1., Are private investigations executed confidentally?

We give out information only if required by the law. (For example: Getting under police control)
Otherwise information are kept private and are not shared with anyone. The confidentiality of your identity and commission are of utmost impartance in any cases.

2., When and how to pay for the private detective service?

Deposit is generally required before starting the execution. In same cases commission fee is required only if it is successfully executed. The whole fee has to be paid personally or by bank transfer afterwards.

3., What is the warranty?

Our aim is to prominently satisfy our client’s requirements which is the result of a precise, professional investigation. We do our best to provide the highest quality service. Still, sometimes it occurs that it is impossible to

solve what the commissioner wants, but we always inform you about the current results.

4., How do you find missing people?

All the detectives and information providers have the acquintances using the available databases. Whenever it is possible we gain information from relatives, friends, colleagues and even from other people who might

be aware of the target person.

5., What information do you need?

It depends on the kind of private service which the client would like to resort. For instance if we are asked to find a missing person, we will need the following information:
-Full name
-Last known location
-Names of friends, relatives

6., How soon can you start the investigation of my issue?

In condition that you contact us, provide us all the necessary information and conclude the contract, our detectives take the first steps immediately.

7., In which areas do you undertake commissions?

We undertake commissions in the whole territory of Hungary. Moreover, we have relations in neighbour countries and in several Europian Union member states, furthermore in the USA.

8., Will my partner be aware of the tracing?

No. Nobody will notice, know being traced, being under surveillance or contacted in a generated situation by personal detectives. Our interest is to provide such service that is confidental, classified and successful.