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Are you or your loved ones threatened? Are you afraid of being attacked? Are you aware of your physical integrity being in danger? Visiting unsafe places? Want to have an effective impression on others? Would like to have dignified appearance in front of business partners?
To protect your physical integrity and handle the mentioned situations one of the most common options is employing a bodyguard.
If the situation requires our bodyguards are yours to command in short time to execute their commissions for Your interest.
We also can provide you hosts and hostesses if the place of your programme requires.
All of our services start with risk analysis which can diagnose what level of protection you need.
Whether it is a personal or high-performance vehicle protection, our collegaues will totally satisfy all your demands and requires.
The most professional, more languages speaker executors and high performance, elegant, prestigious vehicles are available to us. We ensure your total safe with high-tech protectional and communicaton equipments.
Our complex protection service needs you to give your daily programme and our professionals create the protection plan taking into consideration the number of cars and detectives you need according to the level of protection. Personal investigators start protecting you and being the daily accompany afterwards.
You can  manage your business and personal cases in the car comfortably and securely.
Feel free to call us today and get further information about our bodyguarding service.


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- Protection of politicians and diplomats
- Dignitary of celebrities
- Family Protection at home and while traveling
- Protection under transport
- On-site security