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Money securing


Nowadays violence perpetrated against persons with high values in themself has become more and more common. The range of method extends from „tricky theft” (Pricking tyres) to direct violence against the person (Armed robbery). In many cases persons are followed from the takeover scene in such a covert way that is invisible for cautious eyes, too. Unfortunately the identification of the perpetrators is a serious challenge for the qualified police agents, for this reason the exploration rate is quite low. Such „lost” money is not refunded by insurance companies.Surely you have already taken into consideration asking some friends to accompany you to the bank or change etc.. thus expose them to danger by coincidence. Criminal groups do not baggle at causing deathly or life-threatening wounds in order to gain the money.Why would you jeopardize your wealth and go about bodily fear if you could ensure their integrity? What can you do for your safety? Our company’s colleagues -trained for this special task- can protect you and your wealth with a professional co-operated work even in a covert or uncovered –for crime prevention- way while getting to any locations securely. Contact us if you wish to have your wealth in safe!