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December 11th, 2012

As the leader of the private detective offices, a journalist ask us
about the specialties of the private investigation


Investigation like in the movies

Most of the commissions are by different companies, there are no fixed fees, everything depends on the length and complexity of the given commission.

The number of employed private detectives has recently decreased by the half in Hungary. Most of them have not given their licence back however, commissions arise just once in a blue moon.
Most of the works are by companies because private persons reconsider twice to get in touch with a private detective.

The private detective profession is also afficted by the economic crisis. There are almost 1500 detectives owning a licence but just the half of them work as a private investigator. According to Károly Herold, the President of Hungarian Detective Alliance, most of the private invastigators do not get any comissions because people do not have enough money. „In spite of having problems people reconider twice to get in touch with private investigators, because they have to make serious decisions what they can afford from their salary. Moreover there are many collegues close to retirement who do not undertake commissions but they have not given their licences back.” – Informed us the President.

Pants cases

According to Sándor Szalóki, the managing director of Szalóki Security and Investigation Ltd, the most common commissions are debt managing and gathering information about the background of the partner company before the trans. Companies contact detectives to gather datas and information because they simply do not have enough time or availability.
„It is not enough to get the partner’s good-conduct because that shows just the recent 2 years.”-Told the managing director. If someone gives an autobiography that is not definitely true. That is why autobiography and background checking is important in some positions. Insurance companies also prefer working with detectives in given cases to investigate some insurance incidences-it can save a lot more than 10 million Forints.

Between private persons the so-colleg „Pants cases” are the most common ones. Investigating in adultery is not only the favourite service of men, women and men also ask this type of service. But this one can also be used to check the partners loyalty. It is enough to suspect the partner’s disloyalty, and the „Loyalty test” will give the answer. Szabolcs Tóth, the Client Relations Manager of Szalóki Ltd. Told a few information about this service. He informed us that the test is about hiring a lady or a man to get in touch with the person under surveillance. The affair is recorded and sent to the commissioner afterwards. According to Szabolcs Tóth there are more and more need to this loyalty test, because men and women are also curious about their partner’s reactions.

Pin tip size camera

What equipments do the private detectives work with? Int he holly wood movies detective use tiny cameras and detectaphones. These films are surprisingly close to the reality. Countless equipments help their work but its usage are determined with strict laws. „There is no problem with taking photos. If there are photos taken of the target person we simply show them to the commissioner without violating the privacy rights, but we must not show these eidences to the public.”- Told Sándor Szalóki. But interception is a different story. There are many voice recorder machines on the market, from 70-80 thousand forints to hundreds of thousand Forints, these are really specific ones. Many detectives work with such gadges which ones are ble to record voices in 100 metres distance.

’Purchasing and owning most of the gadgets brake the rules. The usage of the allowed machines is strictly determined. To place the gadgets in the commissiners’ own house with safe protection aims by theirselves is an allowed exeption. In the records the commissioners can hear their partners’ conversations on phone and listen to the dialogues.’ – Informed us Sándor Szalóki. Nowadays GPS tracking is neither uncommon. ’In spite of we track the target person with more cars it can happen that we lose the vehicle. We use GPS to prevent such incidents. But we need to reconsider seriously in what cases we use this service. Obviously the gadgets can be placed in the commissioner’s own vehicle with his permission to install the machine and follow the vehicle.’- Claimed the managing director.

The main collegaue of detectives – besides technical equipments – is the database. Unfortunately in Hungary the access to most databases is forbidden. „Owning few authority sets our work back significantly. Regulations for hungarian investigators are the most strict in Europe.’- Said Károly Herold. In his opinion the solution would be to regulate the usage of databases. ’It should be determined who, when, in what case and for what deposit detectives can use them.’ – Told the president of the alliance. An other problem is that if the detective asks information about individuals or enterprises then the person concerned has to be notified  by the database. That is why detectives often need to use their old police relations to gather information.

Police permission required

Personal investigation is allowed for enterprises only since 1989 because it had been forbidden in Hungary before. Education started in 1995 and nowadays investigator training is also included in the National Training Registry. Students learn constitutional law, administratrive law, civil law, criminology and psichology, too. Many people start investigator career with pre-qualification, they get the licence automatically without any exams. Enterprises need operational licence by the police and have no tax- duty debts and must not be in criminal procedure.



THE 2011th NOVEMBER 10

The famous Private Investigation and Security Protection Academy lecture series was set up five years ago by the Hungarian Alliance of Detectives. The aim of the training series beside general informing is extensively exposing the usage of scientific studies, results of developments and researches between members.

The first educational lecture was held by Sándor Szalóki, the managing director of Szalóki Property Protection, Private detective and Tutorial Ltd., titled „The history of private investigation from the beginig until today”. The participants heard an interesting and comprehensive presentation performed by Mr Szalóki. Participants got acquinted with the history of this profession and with modern legislation anomalies. He neither missed the comparison of the laws which determine the operation of this profession in the member states of the Europian Union.