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Covert surveillance, Tracing


Do you want to know if your partners went where they claimed? They meet someone whom they said? They flirt with anyone else in parties? Your children really go to school in the morning? Are they in such a group which can have detrimental effects on them? / Drugs, smoking, vagrancy, game machines, places offering sexual services/ Your partner has left you – also taking the child away- and you don’t know their current location? You may want be aware of your personnel or business partners behaviour during working hours or afterwards? They may take advantage of company commissions or steal and sell values or oil? You may need a complex, comprehensive, extensive presentation with pictures which can be a clinker at a trial court? These questions are just a tiny part of the answers that covert surveillance and tracing can provide you with complete certainty.

Commit the leader office of hungarian investigation market, the Szalóki Security and Investigation with this delicate and confidental task.As experienced investigators we exactly know that every single commission is different. That is why we always plan  individual executions and we take into consideration the information and notifications of the Commissioner. Our executive investigators in covert surveillance and tracing execute the commission using the most advanced high-tech , in cases covert, technical equipments without the person under surveillance notices it. We pay attention the technical developments and get the up-to-date equipments into usage immadiately. Sit back and commit the professionals! You can be certain about Szalóki Security and investigation gather the most available and real information of the given task. We execute commissions up to the highest and most professional degree. Discretion is indispensable for us.We continuously inform you about the current result of the surveillance, about the recent location of the person or vehicle on demand.


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