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GPS vehicle tracking

Our GPS vehicle tracking service is to invisibly track the motions of a vehicle without the expense of having an investigator or a group of them. The system is able to follow the target vehicle using satellites with a match-sized tool fixed in the car over a period of days.The motion of a vehicle can be on view for weeks retroactively. GPS Tracking system provides you to gain very detailed information of a vehicle’s motion and persons’ whereabouts at a low cost, and without the danger of being noticed by the target person under surveillance, or the possibility of losing the subject in heavy traffic.

With the GPS Tracking system you can:

-Track a vehicle’s motion between exact addresses

-Determine how long the vehicle stays at any given destination

-Recieve details about suspicious activities (For example: Does your partner go where she/he said?)

-Check if your personnel really works overtime

-Make an end of company cars being abused by personnels

After you recieve a username and password, only a computer or cell phone is needed to track the vehicle continuously or even retroactively. Our GPS tracking service provides the solutions to countless personal and business issues that you need. To recieve further information and details about the service please contact us. Our qualified investigators are yours to command.