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Missing persons tracing

Do you wan to find a person in Budapest among 1.700.000. people? We undertake tracing missing people, or people staying in unknown residences using the available information. Our company can find missing persons on a local, national and in single cases international basis. If you need to find your relatives, family members, friends or debtors, we can help. We investigate to find your friends, parents, relatives, family or debtors using our up-to date computerised registers, years of professional experience and our traditional detective skills.


Recent missing person cases we undertake include:

- search for missing persons

- finding lost friends
- tracing of old colleagues

- locating an old relative’s residence

- Tracing children

- Tracing parents

- Tracing kidnapped children

- Tracing an absconded debtor

-Tracing tenants who had abandoned a property with outstanding debts.


We know that tracing missing people can involve much more than just searching data sources and online databases, our highly qualified detectives work with the basic information that you provide us to identify the current location of the target person by using databases and information of people.