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Private Investigator Services


The main profil of our company. We provide such services which cannot be available at other agencies. We always adjust to the requisitons of our clients - discretion is of the utmost importance to us. Since the duties of personal investigators can be quite variated and in several cases cover just a few main issues, a personal meeting is indespensable between the commissioner and the detective before the execution. We make a continuous oral and written report about the commission being executed if required. Photographical, video and sonic documents can be attached.
Nowadays commissions executed by unprofessional persons is unadmittable due to the recent competition. That is why all the commissions we undertake are executed by investigators professionally experienced in the demanded area.
The commissions are devided to different moduls- according to the division an appointee who owns legal-law enforcement experiences, and experiences in other areas, executes the commission.

Colleagues of the special departments are qualified, their skills and equipments are suited to the commissions. We own all the modern and advanced technical equipments, in special cases we can work with high-performance vehicles and equipments.
These departments execute their tasks as „fast-reacting-units” throughout the country if required.
We are not willing to give further information about private investigative activites.

The capital of our company is Budapest but due to our influential acquintances we keep contact with safeguarding and investigative agencies, also with experts in law and law enforcement throughout Hungary and in some other countries.

We undertake the following commissions:

-Tracing missing people in Budapest or throughout the country
-Covert tracing, surveillance of persons and objects
-GPS vehicle tracking
-Mystery shoppings, personnel-controlling activites, crime exploration in companies
-Adultery- Loyalty test
-Environmental studies
-Gathering datas and information about companies